Richard Patton, PhD

In over 40 years as an animal nutritionist, Dr Patton has worked in 25 countries and formulated diets for nearly every kind of animal. His formal study was at Penn State, Purdue and Virginia Tech. He was marketing manager for a company that recycled human food waste to animal feeds and Director of Research for Prescription Diet pet foods. As a consultant based in New Mexico for the past 30 years, Patton has worked for agriculture enterprises, zoos, foreign governments, Fortune 500 companies, local and regional feed mills and pet food companies. An adjunct professor at Penn State for 15 years, he has 25 scientific publications, two patents and numerous popular press articles. Past research efforts have focused on Vitamin E, a chelated minerals and energy metabolism of the birthing mother. Patton’s role in the marketplace is to serve as a translator of technical insight for the benefit of the animal and the animal owner. He is the author of Ruined By Excess, Perfected By Lack: The Paradox Of Pet Nutrition, now in its second edition, published by Dogs Naturally Magazine.


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