Day 1

Opening Notes  |  Dana Scott

Improve Raw Food Safety And Nutrition With Fermentation  |  Roxanne Stone MSc

Application Of Fecal Transplants In Companion Animals  |  Holly Ganz PhD

How The "Raw" Pet Industry Confuses Consumers  |  Billy Hoekman

Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity (Why Does It Matter?)  |  Todd Cooney DVM

Using Email To Grow And Scale Your Pet Buisness  |  Todd Cooney DVM

Session One: One Enormous Missing Link To Cancer  |  Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom

Keynote: Vaccine Herd Immunity: Fact and Fiction  |  Suzanne Humphries MD

Day 2

12 Steps To Quitting Vaccinations  |  Dee Blanco DVM

How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales Without Going Broke  |  Stephanie Sant

Fresh Foods vs Synthetic Nutrients: The Chemical Difference And Health Consequences  |  Maria Ringo DHMHS CCH HOM

The Mystique Of Nutrition's Finer Points  |  Richard Patton PhD

The Myths Of The Mouth And The Importance Of Dental Care  |  Judy Morgan DVM

How We Grew A Million Dollar eCommerce Store In One Year  |  Dana Scott & Stephanie Sant

Session Two: Be Prepared Don't Be Or Feel Powerless In The Face Of Cancer  |  Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom