Founder Of The First Licensed Holistic Veterinarian Clinic In Canada

Julie Anne Lee, DCH RCSHom

Julie Anne Lee earned her DCH in 1997 and RCSHom in 2002.  

Growing up offering helping hands in her mother’s animal rescue shelter planted seeds early on of what would grow rapidly and passionately into Julie Anne Lee’s life’s purpose.


After graduating from a 4 year Homeopathic Medicine program and a 3 year Sit Practice with The British Homeopathic Surgeons, Julie was the pioneer in opening the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, The Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic. Julie Anne regularly teaches and lectures to veterinarians and has created her own animal health care line, The Adored Beast Apothecary.  

Julie Anne has studied with some of the most renowned international homeopaths including her mentor, veterinary surgeon Dr Susan Armstrong, a faculty member of the British Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group, as well as George Vithoulkas in Greece, Rajan Sankaran in India, and Mark Elliott and John Saxon in England.  

Her life’s purpose is a deep caring and protection for all animals while educating the public at large to empower them to make the best choices for ethical treatment and a naturally holistic approach to their animals’ health. 

Session Details

1. Unraveling The Confusion Between Allergies, Leaky Gut, Yeast And Immune Disorders Julie Ann will be lecturing for ...

2. Looking At Cancer From A Different Perspective


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